​The Stranger

"We want to see more people like dreamboat Zachary Pullin DeWolf in local politics. He's young, progressive, and a Chippewa Cree tribal member. A career of community activism, including serving as Capitol Hill Community Council president, a Gender Justice League board member, a Seattle Housing Authority commissioner, and more. If we're being real, with a résumé like his, DeWolf is a little too qualified to be a school board member—the school board is where political ambitions go to die. We'd much rather be endorsing DeWolf for city council or state legislature.

DeWolf's biggest competition is Andre Helmstetter, a parent and education activist. Although both men are committed to creating equitable learning environments, DeWolf's history of advocacy on behalf of Seattle's immigrant, homeless, and LGBTQ+ communities won us over. In practice, DeWolf wants to curb out-of-school suspensions for students up to fourth grade, host "Know Your Rights" trainings for undocumented students and their families, and mandate implicit and racial bias training for district teachers and students. "Racial, gender, economic, and social justice [work] is a way of life and should be embedded within how we teach and how students learn... throughout their whole career at Seattle Public Schools," DeWolf said. "It's what makes quality public education." We couldn't agree more. Vote DeWolf."


Pullin DeWolf:

“Can we talk about the fact that the School Board has never had an out LGBTQIA member? ZPD will bring a REALLY important perspective and set of experiences with his know-how of low-income and renter communities and the ways in which schools can/should be supporting their youth. I’m all in on Zach.”

“ZPD is one of my absolute favorite people in the entire state. His empathy floors me every time.”

“Folks are skeptical about the idea of having someone on the school board who doesn’t have kids, but I think that’s kind of ridiculous because it basically says that only people WITH kids should care about schools. Literally no. Schools are part of the economic pipeline that impact all of us, and people from all walks should have buy-in, especially when they have a perspective (queer, Native) that’s so different from the traditional school board membership.”


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